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Strings, bells, bangs and whistles

Posted by admin on February 19, 2014


Well it's been a good long while – we've been busy on a number of fronts, most notably making our debut album which is breathing life beautifully now, but is patiently awaiting some final touches while I've been flouncing about pretending to be Lady of the manor at a very special celebration....I'll get to that. But for now...

Come sing with us!

If you've caught us live this year, you'll know that 'Louder Than Your Drum' requires a bunch of you to sing-down my noisy drummer. So we need a small choir made of YOU beautiful people to sing on the album version. This, rather like a house gig, will require you turning up to a house, listening to the track (that's right! You also get to hear an ALBUM EXCLUSIVE!) singing along, hanging, having a beer with us and getting an 'ickle credit on the album too! The sesh will take place in Birmingham on Sunday 2nd March at 2pm (The day after our gig at The Ort Cafe). Fancy it? Let us know by either contacting us directly, or via Facebook.


Album progress

We've got the basic band elements down. I'm pretty chuffed we made a decision to track the songs live in the studio. Bar some backing vocals – what you guys see live is how we played it, but facing each other in a circle so we could see the whites of each other's eyes and glower if someone played a bum note/beat. :D  I hope that when you hear the tracks you'll agree this gives a much better, natural feel; we want the record to sound as if we're playing right in front of you in your lounge, or all piled into your car with you on the school run, or sharing the view from your alpine mountain retreat.

Overdubs of the wonderful, sparkly variety remain. There are choices to be made, and it's weird/wonderful/exciting being in the middle of making a record – we can't WAIT to bring it to you!

Lady of the Manor

So yeah, Lady of the Manor, flouncing and celebrations on the happiest day of my life, when I got married to Stuart on Feb 8th, surrounded by everyone I love, at a gorgeous country home in Herefordshire! Our eyes met first across the crowds at the Yardbird in Birmingham and so many of you have been part of the journey we've taken.

Needless to say, the new record reflects how I got from where I was a few years' back, to where I am today. Happy - after quite a journey!

Summer dates to follow. 'Til then, hunker down and stay dry if you can!

Lots of love, adieu,
Lou xo

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